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We ensure timely and accurate delivery using advanced technology and skilled personnel.




Why FFS ?

We specialise in the following:

  • Loading, unloading, and moving freight between delivery and storage areas as instructed.
  • Coordinating the movement of freight with other workers via our call centre facilities
  • canning and documenting freight, as well as marking items with identifying information.
  • Moving freight manually or with specialized machinery, such as electric forklifts and pallet jacks.
  • Stacking freight at specified locations using boards or pallets.
  • Preventing damage to transported freight by using protective devices such as padding and straps.
  • Adhering to weight restrictions, as well as stabilizing and guiding lifted freight with slings and hooks.
  • Maintaining records of the number of units handled per day, as well as their location and condition.
  • Performing prescribed safety checks on freight handling equipment and adhering to safety regulations.
  • Logistics – Coordinating transfers and all transportation requirements at the most competitive rates
  • 24-hour armed security at our facilities and biometric systems

Freight Cargo Delivery

Loading, unloading, and moving freight between delivery and storage areas as instructed.

Storage Facility Services

FFS warehouses are staffed by experienced teams, providing a clean and safe environment with due regard to Hazchem legislation, when required.

Consulting Services

Our freight consultants work closely with companies to analyze their current transportation and logistics processes, identify areas for improvement, and provide strategic recommendations and solutions.


24 Edwin Swales Drive




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